Blue Ridge Sportsman Club 2018 Scores

View the latest sporting clays scores from Blue Ridge Sportsman Club. Check out upcoming Blue Ridge Sportsman Club events.

May 5, 2018 – Iron Man Shoot

Iron Man Blue Course Back to Class        Iron Man Blue Course Lewis

Iron Man White Course Back to Class      Iron Man White Course Lewis      Iron Man Combined Lewis Option

Iron Man 5-Stand Back to Class              Iron Man 5-Stand Lewis Option

April 7, 2018 – April Showers Shoot

April Showers Main Lewis        April Showers Station Option        April Showers 5-Stand Lewis

March 17, 2018 – Spring Has Sprung Shoot

Spring Main Lewis        Spring Station Option        Spring 5-Stand Lewis

Blue Ridge Sportsman Club 2017 Scores

November 24 & 25, 2017 – Black Friday Fun Blast

Black Friday All Results 11-24           Black Friday Lewis Option 11-24

Black Friday All Results 11-25           Black Friday Lewis Option 11-25

October 28, 2017 – Shooter Appreciation Day

Shooter Appreciation Day Ticket Winners

August 11, 12 & 13, 2017 – Summer Blast Shoot

Concurrent scores are not posted. All Concurrent scores are registered with the NSCA.

Summer Main Class            Summer Main Lewis           Summer Prelim Class         Summer Prelim Lewis
Summer 20 Gauge Class     Summer 20 Gauge Lewis     Summer 28 Gauge Class     Summer 28 Gauge Lewis
Summer 410 Bore Class      Summer 410 Bore Lewis      Summer SxS Class           Summer SxS Lewis
Summer Pump Class        Summer Pump Lewis         Summer 5-Stand Class     Summer 5-Stand Lewis

June 17, 2017 – Father’s Day Shoot

Father’s Day Main              Father’s Day Lewis Option             Father’s Day Station Option

May 6, 2017 – Iron Man Shoot

Iron Man Main Back to Class            Iron Man Main Lewis            Iron Man Station Option

Iron Man 5-Stand Back to Class       Iron Man 5-Stand Lewis Option

April 1, 2017 – April Fools’ Shoot

April Fools’ Main Lewis          April Fools’ Station Option           April Fools’ 5-Stand Lewis

March 18, 2017 – Spring Has Sprung Shoot

Spring Has Sprung Main Lewis       Spring Has Sprung Station Option








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