Rifle & Handgun Ranges

Rifle Range

The rifle range consists of target backstops at 25, 50, 100, 200 and 300 yards. The ranges are for member use only. Wear your membership card in plain sight when using the facilities. All guests MUST have a signed guest pass. Contact Dottie Kirk at 717-469-2561 for guest passes.

The rifle range is closed whenever the long course is being used for sporting clays. The long course is open from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturdays from mid March to October, and from 1 pm to 6 pm on Wednesdays from April to September. The ranges are also closed for most corporate shoots.

Rifle range rules are posted on a sign at the entrance to the ranges.

Outdoor Hours for Ranges

Day Ranges Open During Months
Sunday 9am to sunset January to December
Monday 8am to sunset January to December
Tuesday 8am to sunset January to December
Wednesday 8am to 12 noon
8am to sunset
April to September
October to March
Thursday 8am to sunset January to December
Friday 8am to sunset January to December
Saturday 5pm to sunset
8am to sunset
January to October
November & December

Handgun Range

Our outdoor handgun range consists of three bays with steel plate targets and dirt backstops. There are concrete walls between the bays. Backers are available to hang paper targets. The ranges are for member use only, except for handgun events and competitions. Wear your membership card in plain sight when using the facilities.

The handgun ranges are closed to the general club membership whenever sporting clays is open. Organized handgun events may occur on the same dates as sporting clays.

Action Handgun Match & Practice Sessions

The club offers organized matches and practice sessions on various dates. All of the events have a participation fee. Practice sessions usually last 3 hours and cost $5. Come and go whenever you like during the time of the session and shoot as often as you like. Everyone helps out and takes turns.

During practice sessions holsters and magazine holders are recommended. Accommodations are made so that everyone can have fun, regardless of skill level or equipment. Guidance for shooters new to the action shooting disciplines will be available. During matches, various types of equipment may be required depending on the kind of match it is. For example, Steel Challenge format does not require magazine holders while “run & gun” does.

2019 Match Schedule

SaturdayMay 18One Relay: 9 am
SaturdayJune 15One Relay: 9 am
SaturdayJuly 20One Relay: 9 am
SaturdayAugust 17One Relay: 9 am
SaturdaySeptember 28One Relay: 9 am
SaturdayOctober 19One Relay: 9 am
SaturdayNovember 16One Relay: 9 am

PA Steel League

Our club joined the PA Steel League in 2018. Competitors are separated into divisions by the firearm used: stock centerfire auto, open centerfire auto (comps and optics allowed), stock 22 pistol, open 22 pistol, centerfire revolver (any allowed), 22 rifle (any allowed), PCC (pistol caliber carbine).

Register for league matches on Practiscore.com. Registration opens at noon on the Monday before a match. The club follows rules of the PA Steel League and USPSA’s Steel Challenge during these events. More information on the league can be found at Steelshooters.com.

For more information regarding action handgun and the PA Steel League, contact:

David Horan at djhoran@comcast.net or 717-991-9131