Clay Shooting

Sporting Clays

Our main course for sporting clays is laid out in wooded and open field settings, offering a variety of trajectories, angles, speeds, elevations, distances, and target sizes. The course features a combination of Promatic and MEC traps. Shooters use an RFID card and remote at each station to pull targets and keep a count of targets available using an EZPull Target Manager system.

Our winter short course consists of 12 stations with 2 or 3 traps on each. The long course opens in April and consists of 25 stations with 2 or 3 traps on each. On the long course, shooters are able to shoot 50, 100 or 150 targets. 

Golf carts are available for rent on a first come-first served basis. Rental cost is $20 per round. 12 gauge shells are sold at the club for $7 a box. Rental shotguns are NOT available.

Gift certificates can be purchased for $25 for 100 targets.

Shoot Fees (as of April 1, 2018)

50 targets:

  • Member: $12
  • Non-member: $14
  • Youth (under 16): $9

100 targets:

  • Member: $24
  • Non-member: $28
  • Youth (under 16): $18

2020 Shoot Schedule

SaturdayFebruary 29 to December 26
(except when special event)
9am to 2:30pm
WednesdayApril 8 to September 302pm to 6pm
SundayMarch 8SC Course,Wobble,5-Stand9am
SaturdayMarch 21Spring Has Sprung Shoot8:30am
SundayApril 5SC Course,Wobble,5-Stand9am
SaturdayApril 18April Showers Shoot8:30am
SaturdayMay 2Iron Man Shoot8:30am
SundayMay 10SC Course,Wobble,5-Stand9am
SaturdayJune 6June Bug Fun Shoot8:30am
SundayJune 7SC Course,Wobble,5-Stand9am
SaturdayJuly 11Sparklers & Firecrackers Fun Shoot8:30am
SundayJuly 26SC Course,Wobble,5-Stand9am
Friday, Saturday & SundayAugust 7, 8 & 9Summer Blast Shoot8:30am
SundayAugust 23SC Course,Wobble,5-Stand9am
SundaySeptember 13SC Course,Wobble,5-Stand9am
SundayOctober 11SC Course,Wobble,5-Stand9am
SaturdayOctober 31Shooter Appreciation Day9am
SundayNovember 8SC Course,Wobble,5-Stand9am
FridayNovember 27Black Friday Fun Blast8:30am
SundayDecember 13SC Course,Wobble,5-Stand9am

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Wobble Trap

The five-person wobble trap is great for those who are learning to shoot sporting clays. The trap can be changed so that it doesn’t wobble, helping the beginner learn to shoot sporting clays. Additional stationary traps are used along with the wobble trap to add more variety to the sequence of the 25 targets.

Shoot Fee

25 targets: $5

2020 Shoot Schedule

TuesdayYear-round (weather permitting)2pm to 7pm
SaturdayDuring sporting clays


The 5-stand featured at our facility is a great way to get a sporting clays experience in a small amount of space. A total of 25 targets are thrown from eight traps crossing from left or right, overhead, away and incoming in various combinations.

Shoot Fee

25 targets: $5

2020 Shoot Schedule

WednesdayMarch 4 to April 12pm to 7pm
WednesdayOctober 7 to December 302pm to 7pm

Plan an Event

Blue Ridge Sportsman Club can host corporate, fundraiser and special occasion events for clay shooting fun using any of our venues. To check your date availability and pricing, fill out our contact form and our sporting clays committee chairman will get back to you.

For information regarding sporting clays, contact:

Steve Zimmers at